Objective-C Tuesdays

When the iPhone SDK was released in 2008, my good friend Kevin and I formed Able Pear Software, a small consultancy focused on mobile development. From 2009 through 2011, I wrote a series of posts for our company blog called Objective-C Tuesdays (published on Tuesdays, naturally).

We weren't the only people drawn to iPhone development, but outside of a small cadre of Mac programmers, Objective-C was largely unknown. It's also very different from most mainstream programming languages, being a Smalltalk-inspired dynamic layer atop the venerable C language -- with very unusual syntax. There was very little learning material available at the time, either for purchase or free on the Internet, and Apple's terse documentation left big gaps to fill.

So I did my part to help. I focused on the basics: loops, variables, strings and arrays, and wrote about both the dynamic, high level Foundation classes and the low level, static C equivalents.